I am pleased to invite you to a GSE Large Systems Working Group event. The 
event will be a virtual event via WebEx on the 21st February 2018 from 15:00 – 
16:15 GMT.

The event will contain a 1 hour session presented by Martin Packer and Anna 
Shugol from IBM on “IBM zHyperlinks: new low latency I/O paradigm for IBM z14 
and DS8880.”

Session abstract:
IBM zHyperlink is a new short distance I/O link for IBM Z and IBM Storage, 
accelerating database transactions' throughput and improving performance.

This session will present best practices on how to leverage zHyperlink in a 
customer's shop.

If you wish to attend the event, please follow the registration link 

WebEx sign in details will be sent prior to the meeting, providing attendees 
have registered for the event.

For the agenda, please click 

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