Gadi Ben-Avi  wrote:

>When using Debug Tool under CICS, every time a CALL statement is encountered 
>the debugger steps into the called program.
>Is there a way to just have the called program called and not show its 
>internal workings.

It depends. 

Assuming 'show its internal workings' are debug statements, breakpoints, 
variables, debug messages, etc.

How are they compiled and called in the first place? If they're setup so to 
show debug things, then you'll have to recompile them with different 
compiler/linkage settings or just change the parameters of these programs.

Perhaps you should show us the CALL statements and what compile/runtime 
parameters/options are used? 

Also show us how the debugger 'steps into that program'.

Groete / Greetings
Elardus Engelbrecht

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