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We have been looking at changing from VRSEL to Retention Method processing.  
However our understanding is that in Z/OS 2.3 a lot of the functionality 
performed by the exits is being removed and we were told that we should wait 
for this before we change to retention method.  If you do an RMM LC All you 
should be able to see if the exit is enabled.  One of the big differences I 
have found with RMM and CA-1 is that there is no default retention for catalog 
control in RMM.  If you don't code EXPDT=99000 you will not get catalog control 
and that applies for GDGs as well.  So that being said check your RMM parms and 
see how long the retention is.  This should give you an idea of when these 
tapes will scratch.  Retention Method processing however allows you to set 
Catalog Control as the default.  

John Benik | Optum

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Subject: RMM question

We recently converted from CA-1 to RMM.

I am having an issue with some tape volumes containing GDGs not scratching 
after x days.

I have determined it is due to EXPDT=99000, and I am now waiting for the person 
who performed the conversion to let me know if the EDGUX100 exit is installed 
and activated.

I am now looking at the process to create the correct VDS records for these 

Currently, using a LISTCAT GDG ALL, I can see that the number of versions to be 
retained is 7. And only 7 DGDs show up in the LISTCAT. 
RMM has more versions in it's catalog.

In creating the VDS in RMM, it appears that I will need to also tell it the 
number of GDGs to retain.

Maybe I am looking at this wrong, but it looks like I will need to maintain the 
number of generations to retain in both locations?

Tony Thigpen

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