Yes I know that but our company is also moving away from VRS's  in my opinion 
doing something like this...

MCATTR(ALL)        /* USE SMS MANAGEMENT.          */ -   

In the RMM parms to get catalog control is just easier, and getting much closer 
to CA-1 which so many of us are familiar with.  In addition RMM now has EDM for 
HSM data.  In Z/OS 2.3 the default is yes.  But you can also use a parm of 
EDM(YES) and all HSM migrates and backups will be externally data managed, also 
similar to CA-1.  I have been told a lot of the things that used to require 
modifications to the UXTABLE will be moving to the parmlib in Z/OS 2.3

John Benik | Optum

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> We have been looking at changing from VRSEL to Retention Method processing.  
> However our understanding is that in Z/OS 2.3 a lot of the functionality 
> performed by the exits is being removed and we were told that we should wait 
> for this before we change to retention method.  If you do an RMM LC All you 
> should be able to see if the exit is enabled.  One of the big differences I 
> have found with RMM and CA-1 is that there is no default retention for 
> catalog control in RMM.  If you don't code EXPDT=99000 you will not get 
> catalog control and that applies for GDGs as well.  So that being said check 
> your RMM parms and see how long the retention is.  This should give you an 
> idea of when these tapes will scratch.  Retention Method processing however 
> allows you to set Catalog Control as the default.
> John Benik | Optum


You can make catalog control the default without Retention Method, with a VRS 
** WHILECATALOG, or a UXTABLE default entry with 99000 and EDGUX100.

Tom Conley

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