The above was the 4th of a 4 part blog series on porting a Linux app from
Amazon AWS to z/Linux. I found it interesting. But especially the next


Docker inside z/OS? That would simplify things!

But what else is possible? I said in Part 3 <> that
Docker containers are not portable across architectures. However, they are
portable within the same architecture. There are some prototypes underway
for Docker to run within z/OS. Given the way Docker works on other
platforms, it would infer than any Linux on z containers could run
unmodified within z/OS. If Docker for z/OS were to run on a zIIP processor,
there would be no software license hits for z/OS. If that all comes to
pass, that could lead to significant transaction and analytic value within
z/OS and greatly simplify the system management requirements for these
types of hybrid workloads, while improving the overall security, resilience
and performance and reducing the operational costs. I would hope that a
public announcement of this capability is not too far in the future.


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