As it is a S0C1, I would look to a branch to low core and if so, look at the
calling module for some link error.

On Sat, 17 Feb 2018 20:21:59 -0600 Brian Westerman
<> wrote:

:>No, the volumes are identical (same raid, same channels, etc.) except that 
the one (that results in an s0C1) is in an SMS pool and the other is not.  The 
data got to the pool because we sent it there via a dfdss batch job to move all 
of the development datasets to a "new" 48 volume development pool instead of 
just a few development 3390-3's.  

:>The only difference between them via 3.4 seems to be that one has a storage 
class and management class (no dataclass) and the other doesn't (because it's 
not on an SMS volume.

:>The vendor (SAG) is no help at all, as they feel that since Com-Plete 6.8.1 
works fine with it on either volume that we should just migrate to the new 
version now.  Unfortunately, that's not a viable option because they have to 
upgrade Natural and Adabas first and that project has just started (that's why 
the Com-Plete cutover is January of 2019).

:>Strangely enough, we have another customer, at the same level of Com-Plete, 
exactly same PTF level and compile dates on the programs, and they have no 
problem editing dataset from the SMS volumes.

:>I have compared the sites com-plete (s) and they are not just virtually 
identical, they are exactly identical.  

:>One site though (the site that works) is z/OS 1.8 (in the process of moving 
to z/OS 2.3), but the other (the one where it fails) is at z/OS 2.2.

:>I have no real doubts that the issue is something within SMS under z/OS 2.2 
(or something that changed between 1.8 and 2.2), but the problem is to locate 
and neutralize it before the site that is currently converting to 2.3 ends up 
with the same issue.  They have no plans to upgrade their Software AG 
environment (it's slowly disappearing).

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