I am trying to find the equivalent JES2 feature that equates to an exiting z/VSE Power feature and I am coming up blank. I just may be looking in the wrong place. Let me describe what happens in z/VSE Power. Then, hopefully, someone can point me to the same type of thing in JES2.

In zVSE, the equal to JES2 is POWER. To describe the print functions for a spooled file, z/VSE uses a statement such as:
* $$ LST CLASS=A,DISP=D,DEST=(xxx,bbb)

A site can add user defined keywords to the LST card, such as:

These fields are defined to POWER as OPTU field definitions:
In the first example, the external name on the LST card would be MAILTO=, the internal OPTU key value would be x'FFD8', there could be 2 comma seperated fields within the parameter and each could be 60 characters long.

These fields are then passed between systems as OPTU values in the OPTB NJE Job Header Section.

I have a client that needs to send reports from z/OS to z/VSE and populate some of these user defined OPTU fields for use by z/VSE. But, I did not find anything in the JES2 configuration file that would let me use keywords not already defined to JES2 as indicated by the related section of the "Network Job Entry Formats and Protocols" manual.

I am looking for suggestions.


Tony Thigpen

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