I have downloaded the latest 2811 page document. In the product enhancements 
section, on page 98: 

Data Set Encryption Support (RO97892)

New z/OS DFSMS capabilities for data encryption require key labels when 
allocating encrypted data
sets. These labels identify a protected data key in the ICSF key repository 

A new field (DSKEY) in ACIDs contains the ICSF key label to use for encryption. 
The following
keywords are now available for managing keys and labels:

SYMCPACFWRAP (see page 742) makes keys eligible to be rewrapped (protected) by 
CP Assist for
Cryptographic Functions (CPACF).

SYMCPACFRET (see page 741) determines whether ICSF can return a key in a 
wrapped (protected)

DSKEY (see page 518) specifies the key label that encrypts/decrypts data in the 
ICSF cryptographic
key data set (CKDS).

CRITERIA (see page 489) (used with PERMIT) defines criteria to determine a 
user's access to a
resource (such as a key label).

Tom Chicklon


> Probably need to pull the latest TSS doc and look for changes in there.

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