Brian Westerman wrote:
>EE doesn't preclude you from using it on the same processor complex.

Exactly. The flexibility and greater future proof-ness is valuable.

Rob Schramm wrote:
>z/os 1.4 runs on a z13s mono-cpu with no accommodation other than having
>all available maintenance applied. Multi-cpu's is a wait-state.

OK, that's lucky. However, I would not assume the status quo "forever."
It's prudent to plan ahead. That's Enterprise Extender.

I wouldn't be nervous about EE here, but if for some reason you're nervous,
just backstop EE with CTCA if you wish. Anything *could* break, so
following that logic logically, use both paths. And, of course, configure
both correctly and test. That's always true.

Timothy Sipples
IT Architect Executive, Industry Solutions, IBM Z & LinuxONE,

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