I have a program that reads VOLSERS for offline volumes. It works fine for 
several flavors of VM and Z/OS, and returns the data in a few MS. But takes a 
minute when issued to a device in a copy pair. If I issue it a second time, it 
runs fast, so I suppose it could be coming from CACHE or some bit has changed 
that allows for the faster I/o or it gets the VOLSER form a control block.

I noticed that when I use the ISMF screen in ISPF option 2.1 it comes Up right 
away. So If there is anyone listening from the ISMF group, can you tell me if 
you do I/O to get the volser or do you get it from a control block somewhere.  
It would be greatly appreciated.

BTW, I just sent in a correction to the manual for ISMF. Here is a line from 
the screen:

Type of Volume List . . . 2          (1-Online,2-Not Online,3-Either)

I think it should be 1 for ONLINE, 2 for OFFLINE and 3 for BOTH(not either).


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