Before I go into a viper pit for telling the boss and his boss and his boss and 
be asked many questions that I am nowhere near qualified to answer. Is there an 
IBM book/manual or SHARE presentation that I can show to the management what 
will be needed, hardware (software) wise to be able to accomplish being able to 
read the DVD and download it to a disk drive on the mainframe?

From what I have heard here the only thing that is needed is a PC with a large 
HD and some connection to the HMC (If I understand this correctly). There is NO 
connection outside the company AT ALL. 

I can’t believe there is no written down instructions on how this is done, I am 
sure the NETWORK people will be all over this, and I am not prepared to take 
the heat right now. I have to thoroughly understand and explain to management 
and technical types. Frankly, I am shaky on all of this.


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