Replying to several posts:

When I activated OA53355 on my z/OS 2.3 system, I activated that check. It 
tripped immediately and gave me the possibilities (other than what the diag 
trap we've been running with already excluded):
- SCOPE=ALL data space  
- IARVSERV SHARE                                   
- IARV64 GETSHARED                                  
- z/OS UNIX shared memory 

Then I did what I always do in these situations: I dumped the RASP address 
space and its data spaces and used IPCS to go hunting (being the impatient sort 
 I didn't want to go the slip route). I used several incantations of IPCS 
RSMDATA, and voila, there was the offender: A common access data space used by 
EMCs GDDR product. None of the other situations seemed to apply to my system. 
Also, DEVMAN and JES2AUX did not show up.

Which brings me to my question: Do I still have to set slip traps or can I be 
sure to have caught everything?

(We were told by EMC that it will take until the next z/OS release until they 
will provide a fix for this.)


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