The next NY Metro NaSPA Chapter meeting is on Wednesday, 18 April, 2018, in
room 1219 in the IBM Building at 590 Madison Avenue, NYC, from 10:00 A.M.
until 4:30 P.M. The four sessions below are on the agenda:

      "Using Python on Z (An Introduction into Big Data on Big Iron)", Joe
      Bostian, IBM

      Abstract: An introductory walk-through for implementing data science
      with z/OS using Python and the Anaconda Package Manager. The
      walk-through will focus on using mathematical libraries in Python,
      highlighting techniques used by the data-scientist, and showing the
      value of open source software. Its goal is to highlight the tools of
      the trade and give you a starting ground for releasing Python on your

      About the Speaker:  Joe Bostian has spent his career at IBM enabling,
      porting, and promoting the use of middleware and open source software
      on IBM Z.  He is a data science architect and a technical lead for
      the IBM Open Data Analytics team.  He has a BS in computer science
      from Purdue University and an MS in computer science from Rensselaer.

      "WebSphere Liberty Batch - Running Batch Workload on zIIPs:
      Modernizing Your Batch Workload to Run on zIIPs with WebSphere
      Liberty JSR-352 Support", David Follis, IBM

      Abstract: You want to "modernize"" your batch applications.  You want
      to reduce costs by running the batch workload on zIIP processors.
      You want to exploit Java Batch support in WebSphere Liberty.  Come
      find out about how the open standard for Java Batch (JSR-352) can
      meet your application programmer's needs while integrating a Java
      Batch workload into your existing batch infrastructure.

      About the Speaker: David Follis has been with IBM for almost 30 years
      and has been a member of the IBM WebSphere Application Server
      development team for 20 years.  He is the runtime architect for WAS
      on z/OS and is the lead architect for IBM WebSphere Java Batch.

      "Using Encryption and Compression on zFS Filesystems", Vivian
      Morabito, IBM

      Abstract:  The one takeaway from encryption is that configuration is
      confusing, has a big learning curve and zFS has significant
      differences and considerations over BSAM/VSAM datasets. This
      presentation focuses solely on zFS encryption, both from a DFSMS/ICSF
      view and also the specific zFS view including: the zFS portion of
      configuration, BPX parmlib mounts, ICSF availability, migration of
      existing data sets to encrypted state, and backing out encryption.

      About the Speaker: Vivian Morabito is a function tester on the zFS
      squad at IBM Poughkeepsie, where she also  serves as the squad
      iteration manager. She holds a BS in Mathematics from Rochester
      Institute of Technology, and an MS in Operations Research from Union

      "Understanding the z/OS System Trace", John Shebey, IBM

      Abstract: The z/OS system trace table is the "black box" of the
      system that z/OS debugging experts turn to when analyzing a problem.
      Have you ever wished you could read it more fluently? In this
      session, John Shebey, a seasoned member of the  z/OS level 2 team,
      discusses practical examples, and useful tips and tricks in
      extracting key information out of the z/OS system trace (IP SYSTRACE)
      to debug problems.

      About the Speaker: John Shebey is a Senior Software Engineer at IBM
      Poughkeepsie, where he leads the z/OS UNIX Level 2 Support team.
      John has been with IBM for 20 years and is the z/OS Service Rep for
      SHARE.  He holds a BS degree in Mathematics from Virginia Tech.

Registration: Registration is required . Please RSVP to
as soon as is possible if you are thinking of attending, but no later than
noon ET on Tuesday, 17 April.

The meeting is open to non-NaSPA members and is free.  Please pass this
invitation on to your colleagues!

         - Mark

Mark Nelson, CISSP®, CSSLP®
z/OS Security Server (RACF) Design and Development
IBM Corporation
2455 South Road MS/P388
Poughkeepsie, NY 12601

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