There are 2 models/ The ZR1 for the traditional OSes and the LinuxOne Model LR1.

Details of ZR1 M/T 3907

Designed in a 19" Rack, air cooled
Non-raised floor support
Top Exit and/or Bottom Exit Cabling features
PDU based power
Processor Units (PUs) – Feature driven – 6 CPs max, rest can be zIIPs, ICFs, 
Based on the z14 10 core chip running at 4.5 GHz
Full size Uni = 1570* MIPs. 6 CP = 8036* (LSPR data). Smallest Capacity Setting 
A01 = 88 MIPs.
Four CPC drawer features: 
  Max 4 – Single PU SCM, max 4 client configurable cores (8 PUs)
  Max 12 – Two PU SCMs, max 12 client configurable cores (16 PUs)
  Max 24 – Four PU SCMs, max 24 client configurable cores (28 PUs)
  Max 30 – Four PU SCMs, max 30 client configurable cores (34 Pus)
 Two standard SAPs per system
One spare per system (all CPC drawer features)

Up to 8 TB including (Max memory depends on the number of installed PU SCMs):
System minimum = 64 GB
64 GB fixed HSA separately managed
Maximum for customer use 8128 GB
Virtual Flash Memory – part of main memory: 512 GB per feature, up to four 

NO InfiniBand Coupling Links. Only ICA-SR and Coupling Express LR links 

16U Reserved Feature will tag 16U of space in the z14 ZR1 rack as ”available” 
for customers to populate with their choice of IT equipment. Possible examples 
(subject to power/cooling pre-reqs):

 SAN switches
 Network Switches
 Rack mountable HMC and TKE
 Storage devices

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