I talked with my boss yesterday and he told me to get up a short presentation 
on DVD’s and maintenance from IBM over the internet.

Since I still do not know some of the issues (PC SIZE etc) he shot me down in 
about 3 minutes.

I could not answer most of his questions so he told me to get more knowledge 
and come back for another try. He also told me that a connection between the 
HMC and the internet was a gigantic security item that I will have to fight a 
lot as management does not want it and I would have to be a used car salesman 
to sell it and he told me I was not a used car salesman (sigh). I think what he 
suggested is the only answer is to get someone in from IBM (that is cleared) to 
do a presentation and that it would have to get through the budget process and 
that is harder yet because my management would not want to touch this item with 
a ten foot poll . He was also very pessimistic for this to ever happen. He also 
said that even if it was OK’d a VP would have to supervise any time we were to 
connect to the internet. If I knew the subject matter a lot better I might try 
for another run at my boss. But since the documentation is almost zero it will 
be a while. Is there an IBM course that talks about the process?


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