Dear Folks,

   This is to announce Mark Nelson's (of IBM) technical meeting in New York on April 18, 2018, which is at the IBM Building in New York, 590 Madison Avenue, on the 12th Floor, starting at 10 AM.  Prior registration is required--no big deal--just email Mark Nelson <> and tell him you want to come, so he'll register you.  When you show up in the lobby, tell the guards your name, and they'll give you a badge to go up.  There is no cost.  (And there are restaurants in the Sony Building lobby across the street on E. 56th Street.)

   This meeting occurs twice a year, usually in April and October, and in my experience it is an extremely worthwhile thing to go to.  It is like a day's worth of SHARE sessions, usually four or five of them, given usually by IBM'ers or former IBM'ers.  Even if the topic is something you never heard of, it will (sooner or later) come in handy if you know something about it.  And if the topic is something you're really interested in, then you'll get a chance to talk to IBM experts about it.

   So I'd recommend that you go, if you can.  It is very worthwhile.  For details, please write to Mark Nelson at

   All the best of everything to all of you........

Sincerely,    Sam Golob

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