The client I'm working at runs z/OS 2.1.  z/OS 2.1 goes out of service this 
year, but IBM seem to have jumped the gin by getting rid of the knowledgecentre 
for it!

Now when I click on my saved link (which worked earlier this morming [UK 
time]), I get: -

Documentation for z/OS V2.1.0 is no longer available in IBM Knowledge Center.

While the product version and release remains in service, you can find 
information in the following formats:•Individual PDFs for downloading:
•z/OS V2R1 Adobe Indexed Collection (all PDFs with full text search via the 
free Adobe Acrobat Reader):
•IBM Knowledge Center plugins for downloading (for use with IBM Knowledge 
Center for z/OS):

For information about current releases of this product see

More information and resources are available at the IBM z/OS Internet Library:

Why take this away IBM?  Can't customers get access to manuals for a currently 
supported relase?

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