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> Greetings all,
> Has anyone attempted to capture messages written to the syslog daemon (ie.
> syslog.log)? We have a network monitoring tool that can give us the status
> and availability of servers on our network. I'd like the ability to write
> to the system console but there doesn't appear to be a port associated with
> it (and this product wants to write to a syslog service associated with a
> port) so I'm writing to the SyslogD Server instead. When I check syslog.log
> I will see the test messages but none of my monitoring software can "see"
> those messages. Am I missing something or is this simply something that
> cannot be done? Thanks.

​Set up the configuration to write to the file: /dev/console . This will
write the message to the z/OS SYSLOG or OPERLOG​

kern.* /dev/console

would write all "kernal" messages to the SYSLOG.

Doing the UNIX command: echo 'hello' >/dev/console caused the following to
be written to SYSLOG:

N 4000000 LIH1     18163 12:51:16.18 STC39143 00000094  BPXF024I (racfid)

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