ISTR there was an Airline Reservation sample for ISPF. It came in various 
flavors ALC, Rexx and maybe COBOL. Course my search engine points me to the 2.1 
KC. What a Hertzberg hickey this is.
Let's see what listserv does to this:
Documentation for z/OS V2.1.0 is no longer available in IBM Knowledge Center.
While the product version and release remains in service, you can find 
information in the following formats:
Individual PDFs for downloading:
 V2R1 Adobe Indexed Collection (all PDFs with full text search via the free 
Adobe Acrobat Reader): Knowledge 
Center plugins for downloading (for use with IBM Knowledge Center for z/OS):
For information about current releases of this product see
More information and resources are available at the IBM z/OS Internet Library:

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There is no "actual name"; you tell ISPF what name to use.

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