I worked at such company that had 1 digit years.  The routine(s) to keep them 
straight across the decades I never did fully understand.

OTOH, I also worked at a small Insurance company.  The best (non) joke was when 
a client called regarding a new build discount she was getting on her house.  
The house was built in 1892.


On Thu, 15 Aug 2019 00:46:00 -0500, Support, DUNNIT SYSTEMS LTD. 
<supp...@dunnitsys.com> wrote:

>2 digit years???? I recall a shop who throughout the 70's implemented 1 digit 
>year dates across their files because of the precious cost and availability of 
>DASD space. In 1979, someone there took are hard look at what the future held 
>in store. So they did a full conversion project and changed all of their date 
>fields to..... 2 digit year dates!

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