IBus 1.5.18 is released:

Now IBus emoji dialog can search Unicode by name and also the dialog
can by launched with Ctrl-Shift-e in any desktop environments.

* tools: Do not change keymaps with 'use-system-keyboard-layout' c3608189
* src: Fix GVariant leaks (Carlos Garnacho) 1cbe8672
* src: Added some error handlings from a code review f5e0752f
* src: Add libgobject.so to LDADD for Debian libtool (Danny) a28fa740
* src: Reintroduce the hex mode keybind with an environment variable
(Aaron Muir Hamilton) 88b9a93d
* ui/gtk3: Translate input method name in ibus (Peng Wu) 0ab0dd31
* Added DBus filtering against malware bfe57d20
* Implement Unicode choice on Emojier e17c9985
* Fix typo in ibusunicode.c 4cfd5ad7
* Add ISSUE_TEMPLATE ff611a4b
* Fix typo in ISSUE_TEMPLATE 9f2699c6
* Implement ibus-extension-gtk3 for the global keybinding fb07f647
* Fix typos in translatable strings 366963d5
* ui/gtk3: Show code points on Unicode name list dialog d1ebb3d7
* ui/gtk3: Load Unicode data when open the dialog by default fc54b0c0
* Disable panel extension for gdm user 7ccbd21c
* Enable emoji keybinding in Wayland c57b7c34
* ui/gtk3: Set title string in gnome-shell 56c67b13
* ui/gtk3: Implement Page_Down, Page_Up on Unicode name list afe60c12
* bus: Add liveuser to disabled panel extension ece320bd
* Updated translations 73b420f4

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