On 14/10/2016 09:08, Mickael Ange wrote:
Hi all,

Just want a confirmation about the downtime behavior.

I often need to schedule service and host downtimes when I have to shut
down a host for a while.
I noted that until the host is actually down, the related services for
this host are still checked, even if I have scheduled a downtime for the
host and all its services. Once the host is down, the services are not
actively check anymore.

Downtimes don't affect checks. They affect notifications. During a downtime there won't be notifications for the service/host in downtime.

Checks continue as usual, i.e. host checks continue at all times. Service checks continue while the host is up.

Does this behavior expected?

Yes. I think that is as expected. And it makes most sense to me: at the end of the downtime you can check and see if everything is back to normal and you can still fix potential problems (e.g. a service didn't come up properly after reboot) before the downtime ends.

If the checks would be postponed during a downtime you would have no information on the service/host status until after the downtime ended...


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