On Thursday 16 Feb 2017 at 02:59, Brad Bendy wrote:

> Hi,
> Ive got a new Icinga v2.6.2 install that im trying to get the "top
> down config sync" config working on.

> In the zones.conf on the master I have:

> object Zone "testclient.dom.net" {
>        endpoints = [ "testclient.dom.net" ]
>        parent = "master"
> }

So, the master thinks the endpoint testclient.dom.net exists in the 
testclient.dom.net zone.

> In the zones.conf on the client I have:

> object Zone "testclient.dom.net" {
>        endpoints = [ "testclient.dom.net" ]
>        parent = "master"
> }

The client believes the same, and knows its parent is the master.

> On the master I have created the zones.d/master/fqdn/services.conf
> file and currently have this in it:

The file is under zones.d/master and therefore does nto get sent to the 

> apply Service for (disk => config in host.vars.disks) {
>  import "generic-service"
>  host_name = "testclient.dom.net"
>  check_command = "my-check_disk"
>  vars += config
>  vars.disk_wfree = "9%"
>  vars.disk_cfree = "4%"
> }

And yet it's the testclient you want the check to apply to.

> This all works, and the 3 disk checks show up but show as pending and
> the "check source" shows the masters FQDN not the remote host. (It was
> performing checks before when the zone was set to master instead of
> testclient.dom.net)


Move zones.d/master/fqdn to zones.d/testclient.dom.net/fqdn and it should 
work.  You have to create the config files under the name of the zone which 
the machines to be checked exist in.


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