i am having some some trouble when i moved an icinga2 instance
from a virtual machine to bare metal. Suddenly i had some specific
snmp targets throw hundrets of unknown e.g. snmp timeouts events
in an hour.

After i now got back to that issue i found that the scheduling of
the checks does not fan out the checks in the check interval (Which
is 1 Minute) but instead after restart (and RELOAD) starts with all
checks (~5000) more or less immediatly and thus swamps some targets
with snmp requests which fail.

I can even see this in collectd stats of the host in grafana.


You can see the inbound traffic which is regeneration of the config.
After thats finished i reload icinga2 and then you can see the 1 Min
spikes which over the next hour start to fan out until the next
config generation. This looks a lot like a Heart Monitor.

So the question i have is - How can i enforce the fan out of
the check scheduling more evenly? Or how can i limit the targets/hosts

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