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We are trying to define zones and endpoints via the director, we managed to 
define the nodes and do the import but when we look at the UI it shows as if 
the master is the endpoint.
Mh, what kind of setup/scenario is that? One master, satellite, clients? Please 
explain, and how are you managing the remote configuration too.

Please also include versions (icinga2 —version, Icinga Web 2 + Director = 
System - About)
Icinga 2.6.3,Director 1.3.1,Icinga web 2.4.1 ,CentOS 6.9 X86_64  , Php 7.1

We are using only director to define zones and endpoints.
We defined 3 zones , master and 2 satellite zones, with a single master and 2 
endpoints in each zone.
We also imported nodes from an older setup of icinga2 that did not have a 
director to manage it and now want to use host attributes (host.vars.site) to 
create apply rules for the use of the endpoint for command execution , zone 
allocation and hostgroups.
Can you show the pre-rendered configuration for these zones and endpoints? I 
would believe they are are in the wrong location, i.e. underneath zones.d/ 
which won’t work at all. Imagine the following - you’re defining the satellite 
zone and endpoint on the master and using the zones.d/ cluster config sync to 
synchronise the configuration top down. The satellite does not know anything 
about the zone nor parent endpoints, and won’t accept the synced config.
Going further, even if it has a local zones.conf populated (as it should), you 
will receive duplicated objects and a failed reload afterwards.

TL;DR - zones and endpoints must be managed locally on each host, and can’t be 
synced using the cluster config sync (which in term is used in the background 
when deploying them via Director).

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PS: Please fix your reply-to for this mailing list (only the list, not your 
mail account).

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Also when we want to define an apply rule like this

host.zone = host.vars.site we get an error although the vars exist you can see 
that in the adv201 file and the screen captures.

Any idea what could be wrong ?


As there are many files , I have attached them in a tarball.
Those are all the definitions currently created via the director

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