Hello Everybody,

We are running Icinga 1.13.3-2ubuntu0.1 on Ubuntu Xenial. We are seeing an 
issue very much like Nagios issue #1372284                          

If we have a host with scheduled downtime, Icinga will exit with a SIGSEGV at 
midnight when logrotation runs. It is rather easy to reproduce by telling 
Icinga to logrotate hourly:

- set log_rotation_method to 'h' for hourly
- schedule downtime on a host 
- wait till the current hour passes
- Icinga will exit with the following logmessage:
      "icinga: Caught SIGSEGV, shutting down..."

Does anyone else see this issue and is there a known fix for it?

Many thanks,

Met vriendelijke groet / Kind regards,

Jasper Filon
Senior IT Specialist

H2B B.V. - KvK 58381945

W:   www.h2b.nl

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