We are using icinga2-2.6.0 and facing an issue while adding hosts via api.
The host addition is successful till we create hosts with a var used
certain services. For example we have a service dependant on "assing where
host.vars.remote_client" and when we create the host with
vars.remote_client attribute, we get the following error,

Error: Validation failed for object 'hostname!service' of type 'Service';
Attribute 'command_endpoint': Object 'hostname' of type 'Endpoint' does not

So with our basic understanding, we can see that the endpoint doesnt exists
in order to use the command_endpoint. Now when we try to create endpoint
via api, we get the following error,

Error: Endpoint 'hostname' does not belong to a zone.

Is there a certain way in which we can handle this behavior? We can use
zone while creating host to assign the host to the zone but how to create
the endpoint so that command_endpoint is successful.
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