The service output when the error occurs is :

HTTP CRITICAL: HTTP/1.1 200 OK - string 'OK' not found on '' - 268 bytes in 0.170 second response time

But the odd thing is that I do not see a notification call in the debug log at all for the service.

On 11/04/18 22:48, Claudio Kuenzler wrote:
Kind of difficult to make assumptions from remote but did I understand you correctly that this command (-t 'PROBLEM') didn't send the mail:

    This is a sample of how the mail script trigger shows in the debug
    [2018-04-09 13:55:40 +0300] notice/Process: Running command
    '/usr/local/bin/' 'mail' '--service' '-a'
    '' '-b' '' '-c' '' '-d' '2018-04-09 13:55:40' '-i'
    'Windows Host Memory use' '-l' 'MTL-SP13-APP02' '-m' '' '-o' 'No
    data was received from host!
    could not fetch information from server' '-s' 'WARNING' '-t'
    'PROBLEM': PID 19512

But this one (-t 'RECOVERY') did?:

    [2018-04-09 14:02:19 +0300] notice/Process: Running command
    '/usr/local/bin/' 'mail' '--service' '-a'
    '' '-b' '' '-c' '' '-d' '2018-04-09 14:02:19' '-i'
    'Windows Host Memory use' '-l' 'MTL-SP13-APP02' '-m' '' '-o'
    'Memory usage: total:49951.92 MB - used: 0.00 MB (0%) - free:
    49951.92 MB (100%) ' '-s' 'OK' '-t' 'RECOVERY': PID 19559

I don't know if it's just a copy+paste mistake, but I see that the command was split into a newline after the exclamation mark ( No data was received from host! ). Maybe the problem is the exclamation mark? Have you tried to send a manual CRITICAL notification, once with and once without exclamation mark? I'd be surprised though, as this is a typical warning output from NSClient so you most likely have other services returning the same output ( No data was received from host! could not fetch information from server ) and they do work?

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