Android P will officially be released during Q3 2018 // Android Central

The beta will come out in early May.

After plenty of speculation, Android P is finally here – well, sort of. The
first developer preview was officially released on March 7, 2018, and while
it's still incredibly buggy and unstable, gives us an early look at what we
can expect for the software's final release. Thanks to a timeline that was
recently shared on the Android Developers site, we now have a better idea
as to when that'll happen.

In early May, Google will release Developer Preview 2. This will see
Android P exiting the alpha stage and entering its official beta, and we
should get an announcement for this change during Google I/O that's
scheduled to take place between May 8th and the 10th.

Also, while it's not officially confirmed quite yet, DP2 should also see
Android P open up as a public beta that anyone can access if they so choose.

Early June will see the release of DP3, and this will introduce Android P's
final APIs, Play publishing, and official SDK. DP4 will follow later in the
month as a release candidate for testing, and DP5 will come out in either
late July or early August as a final release candidate.

Lastly, Google will push the final build of Android P at some point in
August. That's a good six months from the time of publishing this article,
but as more developer previews are released during that time, we'll be able
to see Android P change and mature into what'll be available at launch.

Based on what we've seen so far, what are you most excited for with Android

Here's how to download the Android P Pixel Launcher


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