For your information, and keeping everyone aware that there’s quite a bit of 
coordination going on between the IETF and other standards organisations. 
Though of course the bulk of the work happens when our participants are simply 
doing the work, and taking care of things both in IETF and in other 

But in terms of coordination, a week ago with we met with folks from IEEE 802, 
for instance. The IETF and IEEE 802 leadership and liaison managers are in 
contact regularly, and every couple of years we also meet in person to better 
understand what work is happening on the other side, and make sure we stay 
coordinated. Last week, we held our fourth such meeting, continuing our 
tradition of meeting in outskirts of large airports in nondescript hotels :-)

More information about current projects of common interest (Internet of Things, 
deterministic networking, privacy, and so on), how we coordinate, pointers to 
people to contact, etc. here:

Jari Arkko, IETF Chair

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