The IESG has received a request from the Traffic Engineering Architecture and
Signaling WG (teas) to consider the following document: - 'Recommendations
for RSVP-TE and Segment Routing LSP co-existence'
  <draft-ietf-teas-sr-rsvp-coexistence-rec-02.txt> as Informational RFC

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   Operators are looking to introduce services over Segment Routing (SR)
   LSPs in networks running Resource Reservation Protocol (RSVP-TE)
   LSPs.  In some instances, operators are also migrating existing
   services from RSVP-TE to SR LSPs.  For example, there might be
   certain services that are well suited for SR and need to co-exist
   with RSVP-TE in the same network.  In other cases, services running
   on RSVP-TE might be migrated to run over SR.  Such introduction or
   migration of traffic to SR might require co-existence with RSVP-TE in
   the same network for an extended period of time depending on the
   operator's intent.  The following document provides solution options
   for keeping the traffic engineering database (TED) consistent across
   the network, accounting for the different bandwidth utilization
   between SR and RSVP-TE.

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