Some interesting recent research/thinking around privacy law, obligations, legal theories & frameworks...

The FTC and the New Common Law of Privacy
by Daniel Solove * April 13, 2014

10 Reasons Why Privacy Matters
by Daniel Solove * January 14, 2014

What Is Personally Identifiable Information (PII)? Finding Common Ground in the EU and US
by Daniel Solove * June 26, 2013

Privacy Self-Management and the Consent Dilemma
by Daniel Solove * May 21, 2013

Harvard Law Review Privacy Symposium Issue
May 21, 2013

The privacy symposium issue of the Harvard Law Review is hot off the presses. Here are the articles:

Introduction: Privacy Self-Management and the Consent Dilemmas
Daniel J. Solove

What Privacy is For
Julie E. Cohen

The Dangers of Surveillance
Neil M. Richards

The EU-U.S. Privacy Collision: A Turn to Institutions and Procedures
Paul M. Schwartz

Toward a Positive Theory of Privacy Law
Lior Jacob Strahilevitz

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