Anonymity and commas apart, this request falls in the general category
of "starting new work in the IETF". I wish we had a specific page on the
IETF web site explaining how to do that. For your specific proposal on
alternative to OTP, I would:

1) Write a white paper explaining the problem you want to solve --
emphasis on problem, rather than solution. This will be the basis for
the initial discussions.

2) Demonstrate that there is interest in solving the problem in some
community. It has to be more than just you, there has to be some people
or companies who think solving the problem is important, and who are
ready to work in the IETF to develop a standard and later implement and
deploy the standardized solution.

3) Contact the relevant area director in the IETF on the best way to
proceed. In your case, that would be the directors of the security area,
Benjamin Kaduk and Eric Rescorla. (See addresses at They will advise you on the next
step, which can be either more research, or working with an existing
working group, or start the process towards creation of a working group.

Note that there is a big tension between anonymity and standardization.
The standardization process requires transparency to prevent abuses such
as insertion of patented technology in standards without proper disclosure.

-- Christian Huitema

On 4/4/2018 2:58 AM, David Lloyd-Jones wrote:
> Um, I think you need to get a handle on how the comma works and how
> its working affects meaning.  The ancient usage of the comma in the
> Second Amendment of the US Constitution is a good example of the
> trouble one can get into with misplaced commas.
> Your odd use of the comma in your message suggests that you are not
> yet ready to take on the sometimes crucial topic of protocols,
> anonymous F. 
> Sorry 'bout 'dat, but frankness is sometimes the best policy.
> Best wishes,
> -dlj.
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> <>> wrote:
>     Hello Everyone,
>     I want to talk about protocol, that has similar characteristics to
>     otp.
>     Are you interessted?
>     Greetings
>     F.
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