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 We are working on SNMP interfaces for a product named Flash600 ( ADX,
Layer2 switching, ATM) for FNC Inc. We are using SNMPv1 framework , but,
unfortunately SNMPv1 supports only following error-status codes:

noError(0): no error in the requested PDU.
toobig(1): The get-response message is bigger than that the local
implementation can handle.
noSuchName(2): one of the requested objects does not match anything in
the relevant MIB view that can be returned.
badValue(3): The set-request asked the agent to write an inappropriate
readOnly(4): A set-request tried to write a value that the operator is
not allowed to write.Either the access specified is
READ-ONLY or the the variable MIB definition does not permit write
genErr(5): A variable cannot be retrieved for reasons outside the ones
listed above.

This provides very little granularity for the User to decide what went

Is there any other way we can add more error-status codes without
violating v1
We don't want to move over to SNMPv2 ,but, still want to add more
error-status codes?
Can we add more error-status codes? If so, how?

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