as ye sow, so shall ye reading this thread i guess i saw
several problems:

oxymoron alert

tautology alert

internet bogon alert
"find the server"

is a server where the ip address, DNS name, lat/long of the CPU,
memory, disk, or cache, transprent or otherwise is"

all bets are off about this dicussion except in the presence of the
european union, where all bets are subject to VAT 


In message <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>, John Stracke typed:

 >>Masataka Ohta wrote:
 >>> > Even if it's not true in the general case, a sufficiently expensive lawyer
 >>> > might be able to convince the court that, since the Internet makes location
 >>> > irrelevant, the location of the infringement is irrelevant.
 >>> that US patents are applicable even if both servers, clients and network
 >>> inbetween are all located outside of US?
 >>No, not that; but, if the server is outside the US and the client is inside, then
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