Dear colleagues,

Probably similar questions were already asked, but nevertheless I would 
appreciate some advice how to solve the problem.

We are looking at Fe environment in complex glasses, which underwent partial 
crystallization. A fraction of Fe has precipitated as spinel-like nanocrystals, 
another fraction remains in glass. Spinel itself is already challenging for 
XAFS, but our task is to understand the Fe fraction in glass (e.g., Fe-O bond 

We do not know the exact composition of the crystalline phases, thus we can not 
record a suitable standard. Does anybody have an idea how could we try to 
separate the Fe in glass from Fe(cryst) contributions? 

I fully realize that the problem is ill-posed, perhaps, some people had somehow 
solved this problem.

Thanks a lot,
Andrei Shiryaev

Instituteof Physical Chemistry

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