It is just because your E-Mail program has cut a part of the link. If you take 
it in whole an d paste in the browser it is working.

Here the links pieces are glued back.


> 64 bit:





> 32 bit:





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Dear Dr. Bruce,

I am not able to download the installation file from the link provided by you. 
It gives some kind of "access denied" error. I don't know if this is caused by 
some firewall from my institute or is a genuine problem. I have attached a 
screenshot of the error. Could you perhaps provide another link to download the 
Inline image 2

Thanking You,

-- Yours Sincerely,

Badari Narayana. A. R.
Ph.D Student, Nanoscience and Nanotechnology,
c/o Prof Rajeev Ranjan,
Electroceramics Lab,
Department of Materials Engineering,
Indian Institute of Science.

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