Installed the newest version of the software for the Mac OS X earlier this

v129-22-124-229:~ jwc137$ port installed ifeffit p5.16-ifeffit demeter-devel

The following ports are currently installed:

  demeter-devel @0.9.20pre10_0 (active)

  ifeffit @1.2.11c_0+gcc48

  ifeffit @1.2.13_0+gcc48 (active)

  p5.16-ifeffit @1.0.0_0

  p5.16-ifeffit @2_0 (active)

Now when I try to run athena the software hangs on an autosave file. I am
unable to click either button the the pop-up menu to advance the software
and I get the "application not responding" error. I searched for an
athena.autosave file, as discussed in a previous thread about this issue,
but don't find one.

v129-22-124-229:~ jwc137$ find athena.autosave

find: athena.autosave: No such file or directory


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