On 07/16/2014 10:17 AM, Jennifer Carter wrote:
Now when I try to run athena the software hangs on an autosave file. I
am unable to click either button the the pop-up menu to advance the
software and I get the "application not responding" error. I searched
for an athena.autosave file, as discussed in a previous thread about
this issue, but don't find one.

v129-22-124-229:~ jwc137$ find athena.autosave

find: athena.autosave: No such file or directory

A few different sorts of answers:

1.  Try "find -iname athena.autosave" to search case insensitively.
    Or try "find Athena.autosave".

2.  Edit (in a text editor) $HOME/.horae/demeter.ini, search for the
    [athena] section, set 'autosave' to 'false'.

    I don't really recommend this.  Turning off the autosave feature
    seems like a bad idea.

3.  This is the second example of a dialog control hanging on the Mac.
    The control in question this time certainly does not hang on linux
    or Windows.  And if this control does not work, then many parts of
    Athena and Artemis will be broken.  This dialog is used anytime
    one of the programs needs to ask a yes/no question.  There's a lot
    of those.

    It's tough for me to figure out Mac-specific problems without
    help.  I'd need a patient volunteer to help track this down.


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