Hi gang,

I just heard from Frank Schima, the fellow who kindly provided
packaging of Demeter via MacPorts.  Frank is moving to a new position
at NIST Boulder and will no longer be providing IT support for the
group out there that does some XAS.  That means his availability to
maintain and update the MacPorts package will be somewhere between
slim and non-existent.  Here is what he said:

   I am no longer working for Quantum Devices as of Friday,
   10/31/2014. So I will no longer be involved in updating Demeter and
   will be unsubscribing from the Ifeffit mailing list. For updates
   please follow the Macports procedures to request an update in
   Macports by opening a Trac ticket [1]. I may actually be able to
   perform the update but I cannot guarantee anything.

   [1] <https://trac.macports.org/newticket>

I know that this support for the Mac was valued by many people in our
community, so Frank will be missed.

I am not able to provide packaging support for Mac users.  Even if I
had the time or energy to take on a new packaging responsibility, I
simply don't own a Mac.

This would be a good time for someone to step up and take over
responsibility for the Mac package.  It seems that Frank has done the
bulk of the work.  The MacPort ecosystem seems to be well supported
and well documented, so I would think that someone else could readily
step into that role.


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