Hello all,

I was wondering whether anyone had experienced this problem or had some advice 
for what I can try.

I have Demeter installed successfully on my mac (Yosemite 10.10.5). Athena 
works just fine. However, when I try running Artemis, it begins to open fine 
and all the GUI windows look good, but then a popup that says 'Restore from an 
autosave file' with buttons for 'Cancel' or 'OK' appears. I'm not able to click 
on anything and the program does not progress from this point. I don't remember 
this happening when I first installed. Is there an easy way to go in and trash 
some potential autosave file I have that is causing problems? If so, where 
would that be located? I dug around a bit, but couldn't find anything obvious. 
It's a little odd, because I've not really used the program. I simply tested it 
when I first installed to ensure it worked and that was it.

Any thoughts or comments would be useful. If additional information would help 
in diagnosing the issue, I'm happy to provide it.

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