Hi Sean,

On Wed, Oct 12, 2016 at 7:36 PM, Sean Fackler <swfack...@lbl.gov> wrote:

> Dear Larch developers (Matt),
> I believe I found an error in the mback function where I get a NameError
> saying the name ‘f1_chantler’ is not defined. I found that simply adding
> f1_chantler to the larch_plugins.xray import section in mback.py fixes the
> problem. I have included the modified mback.py code, my input data
> (SigScan226827.txt), project code (mback_test.py), and the error I received
> (mback_error.txt).
> I am running python 2.7 with anaconda as my manager, macOS Sierra v10.12,
> on a mid-2015 15” MacBook pro. I hope this report is correct and helpful.
> Sean
> Sean Fackler, PhD
> Joint Center for Artificial Photosynthesis
> Lawrence Berkeley National Lab
> 1 Cyclotron Rd Mail Stop 30R0205
> Berkeley CA, 94720
> Mobile: 609-613-8734

Sorry for the trouble and thanks for the complete report.  You're
absolutely right, f1_chantler was just missing.  Fix in github master.

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