Dear All,

Apologies - its another mac question!

I went through the instruction on installing Demeter on Mac OSX, installed 
Macports successfully.  I then tried to install Demeter, and got an error 
message.  So I installed xorg server separately, no error message, and then 
tried Demeter again, with the following command and response. I noticed when 
installing xorg that the pgplot was pgplot +gcc49, not +gcc48, which the 
Demeter installation seems to be looking for.  Athena opens and does stuff but 
no plot window.  Has anyone experienced and resolved this?

Thanks, cheers, Katy

$sudo port install demeter-devel

--->  Computing dependencies for ifeffit

--->  Fetching distfiles for ifeffit

Error: Install pgplot +gcc48

Error: org.macports.fetch for port ifeffit returned: pgplot +gcc48 not installed

Please see the log file for port ifeffit for details:


Error: Unable to upgrade port: 1

Error: Unable to execute port: upgrade ifeffit failed

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