Dear all,
I am new for XAS analysis and now working on solid solution alloys with
EXAFS measurements. Here are some general questions about EXAFS fitting
that may need your help.

1. In NiCoCr alloys, I always get obvious smaller ss for the pairs of Ni-Cr
or Co-Cr than Ni-Co (0.002 vs 0.008-0.011), when measuring the K-edge of Ni
and Co, does it suggest that Cr is favorably bonded with Ni and Co?

2. In order to get the bond length of different pairs in binary AB system,
can I use formula alpha1*Reff and alpha2*Reff to refine the length of pairs
of A-A, A-B (simple cubic symmetry)?

3. The selection of k range in Fourier transformation Parameters seems to
have some effect on the fitting results, how to select the range in
order to get reasonable results.

Many thanks

Fuxiang Zhang
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