SUNCAT Postdoctoral Position for Synchrotron X-ray Science

A postdoctoral research position is available at SUNCAT at SLAC National 
Accelerator Laboratory. The position is available immediately to work on a 
project developing and optimizing data processing techniques, and guiding 
students and postdocs through the analysis from synchrotron based x-ray 
techniques, primarily grazing incidence scattering and spectroscopy, to 
elucidate the composition and structure of catalysts (thin films and 
nanostructures) under working conditions.

The SUNCAT Center for Interface Science and Catalysis is a partnership between 
SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory and the School of Engineering at Stanford 
University. SLAC is a multi-program laboratory owned by the U.S. Department of 
Energy's Office of Science and operated by Stanford University. At SUNCAT, we 
focus on interface science and the atomic-scale design of catalysts for the 
sustainable production of fuels, chemicals, and materials. A key strength of 
the efforts at SUNCAT is the ability to link theory and experiment, which 
requires a detailed understanding of the electrocatalyst surface under reaction 
conditions. A focus is placed on probing the electronic, structural and 
chemical properties of electrocatalyst systems under operando conditions by 
using the unique X-ray facilities available at SSRL and other National 
Laboratories. The postdoctoral fellow will play an integral role in all aspects 
of these X-ray characterization efforts.

The position will report to Prof. Thomas F. Jaramillo (Stanford University) and 
Simon R Bare (SLAC National Accelerator Lab).

Specific responsibilities include:

Work with SSRL and SUNCAT scientists to conduct data processing and analysis. 
This will involve developing and optimizing data processing techniques, and 
guiding students and postdocs through the analysis.

Work with a team to plan and design synchrotron based experiments, including 
the design and modification of in situ electrochemical cell(s) and establishing 
measurement protocols.

Co-ordinate pre-experiment activities with colleagues (students and postdocs) 
and beamline scientists setup the beamline and conduct data collection for 
in-situ surface electrocatalysis and related experiments.

Interface with theoreticians at SUNCAT and Stanford to interpret the 
experimental results in terms of changes to the electronic and lattice 
structures of the surface of the active electrocatalyst under operando 

The position is highly collaborative and will involve interacting with 
students, postdocs and staff scientists from SUNCAT on all aspects of the 
synchrotron-mediated research. The candidate will also maintain a safe working 
environment in the laboratory.


* Ph.D. in physics, chemistry, materials sciences, chemical engineering, or 
related fields.

* Demonstrated experience in synchrotron X-ray characterization techniques, in 
particular hard x-ray scattering and spectroscopy.

* Proficiency in Python and/or Matlab, with a strong knowledge of data 
acquisition methodology.

* Familiarity with theoretical analysis of x-ray absorption spectroscopy 
(e.g.FEFF9, MXAN, DFT, etc) and/or knowledge of ab initio DFT methods a plus.

* Experience with electrochemical techniques and catalysis is a plus.

* Willingness to learn and bridge knowledge/experience gaps.

* Ability to work both independently and in a team environment.

* Ability to work and communicate effectively with a diverse population; good 
interpersonal skills are essential.

* Leadership, including the ability to coordinate efforts at SSRL, and to guide 
students and postdocs throughout all stages of the experiments.

* Effective written and verbal communication skills.

Applicants should include a cover letter, a brief summary of 
accomplishments/interests, a curriculum vitae, a list of publications, and 
names of 2-3 references for future letters of recommendation.

Please send applications to Olayinka Popoola at

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