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first of all sorry for writing another mail to the list in such a short time span, I hope people will not get sick of me too quickly.

I want to do many fits for the same data with varying start-parameters. More specifically, I am doing fits to EXAFS data of the Pt L3 edge of PtCo(X) nanoparticles and want to vary sigma^2 for each of the two paths (Pt-Pt and Pt-Co) that I fit. I want to 1. start a fit with certain parameters, 2. save the log file, 3. change one parameter many (120 for now) times.

If there is no functionality to do this in Artemis I'll have to resort to using some external script that abuses Artemis. In that case I will report on how it went. But obviously, it would be much more comfortable if Artemis had something like this implemented.

Any way to start a fit from the windows command line (I'm using Windows 10) would also be very helpful as that would probably allow me to do the scripting in PowerShell relatively easily.

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