Dear Anatoly.  Regarding yours of Fri, 28 Jul 2017 15:43:01 -0400:

The website doesn't work for non-BNL people.  It pops up a login/password 
window for the BNL domain.  I'm assuming that you want people from elsewhere to 
be able to take the course.

I don't know yet whether I'll be able to go.  It does sound interesting.  My 
knowledge of XAS analysis has remained pretty static.  Will there be anything 
that applies
to soft X-rays?  I'm moving to STXM, so will be dealing with soft X-rays.

   Matthew Marcus
Dear subscribers:

Please share with your group members or others, who may be interested, the 
following information about the short course on XAFS spectroscopy:

Title: *Data Analysis and Modeling of XANES and EXAFS Spectra. Applications to 
Dates: *November 1-3, 2017*
Location: *Brookhaven National Laboratory**
*The course is open for applications at this web site: 

The course will be useful for those scientists who are familiar with the 
foundations of XAFS experiment, theory and data analysis, and seek training in 
advanced methods. The course will include lectures, software demonstrations, 
and data analysis sessions. The emphasis will be on applications of XAFS to 
nanomaterials but we will welcome all participants who are interested in modern 
analysis methods. The course instructors will use examples from their research 
during presentations. The topics covered will include:

-Theory of XANES,
-XANES data analysis,
-Structural refinement using XANES, with emphasis on the following methods:
         -Molecular dynamics,
         -Reverse Monte Carlo.
         -Machine Learning methods*

During the data analysis practicum on November 3, participants will get an 
opportunity to work with research projects with the help of the course 

The course is co-sponsored by BNL and Synchrotron Catalysis Consortium (SCC).

Best regards,

Anatoly I. Frenkel
Department of Materials Science and Chemical Engineering
Stony Brook University
Stony Brook, NY 11794, Ph: 631-632-2751

Joint Appointment:
Chemistry Department, Brookhaven National Laboratory
Upton, NY 11973. Ph: 631-344-3013. Group: 631-344-3494
Email: <>
Spokesperson, Synchrotron Catalysis Consortium (SCC) at BNL

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