Dear all,

I would like to use the latest Larch as backend for Athena and Artemis on 
Windows to handle hundreds of XAS data (, hopefully).
But, I'm stuck. I would appreciate any comments and suggestions.

Matt announced it is now possible on this list, but I still cannot do it on 

[Ifeffit] Larch 0.9.33

The "server mode" for Athena and Artemis now works on all platforms and I
strongly encourage everyone to use this over the ifeffit back end.

Here is what I did.

Windows 10 Pro (Japanese)
Demeter 0.9.25 (via official website)
Python 3.6 (official distribution)

1. Installation of the latest Larch

git clone (sha1: 
cd xraylarch
python install
# Some dependency related to XRD is not fulfilled.

2. Start Larch server

cd %LOCALAPPDATA%\Programs\Python\Python36\Scripts
python larch_server start
larch_server port=4966: started

I found a parameter of peakfit backend in demeter.ini and changed to larch, but 
did not work (as expected).

In the dathena.log, Athena still uses ifeffit as backend.

perl version: v5.18.2
backend: ifeffit

Should I compile Demeter package by myself to use the Larch backend?
Or, is there any "switch" to use Larch?

Thanks in advance,

ASAKURA, Hiroyuki

ASAKURA, Hiroyuki (Ph.D)
T. Tanaka Lab., ESICB, Kyoto University, Japan
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