This already happens in Athena. It was requested back in 2014:
and Bruce did include energy as a column in the exported chi file in a future release
(present in 0.9.26)...e.g.
# XDI/1.0 Athena/0.9.26
# Element.edge:                  K
# Element.symbol:                Fe
# Column.1:                      k inverse Angstrom
# Column.2:                      chi
# Column.3:                      chik
# Column.4:                      chik2
# Column.5:                      chik3
# Column.6:                      window
# Column.7:                      energy


On 9/15/2017 6:32 AM, Matt Newville wrote:
Hi Michael,

On Fri, Sep 15, 2017 at 8:21 AM, Michael Stockenhuber < <>> wrote:

    Dear mailing list,

    Is there any way to save data as Chi( E),i.e., energy one column
    and chi(E) in the 2^nd column? This was possible in the past and
    it would be great to have that to be able to import into excurv.


   ~> larch

   larch> dat = read_ascii(datafile_name)
   larch> # ... make sure you have mu(E) as  '' and ' <>'

   larch> autobk(dat, rbkg=1.0, kweight=1)  # may want other options

   larch> write_ascii('my_chie.txt',, dat.chie)
   larch> plot(, dat.chie, xlabel='E (eV)', ylabel=r'$\chi(E)$')

Hope that helps,


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