Dear All

This might be a stupid question, but I have not been able to track this
down myself:

What is the data source of the "core-hole lifetimes" (i.e. the energy
widths "gamma(ch)" in eV) of the "Absorption edges" in the "Absorption"
panel of Hephaestus?

As far as I could see these lifetimes/widths are not given in the 'Elam
database'. Other XAS data tools based on the Elam database (like e.g.
'XrayDB') claim to be using values from 'O. Keski-Rahkonen and M. O.
Krause, Atomic Data and Nuclear Data Tables 14, pp139-146 (1974)
(' for this. Because that
reference does not give tabulated values but rough data plots only, it is
difficult to compare those with the values in Hephaestus.

If someone knows the respective data source used in Hephaestus, the
answer/information is deeply appreciated!

Best regards


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